Wednesday, November 08, 2006

No more capital for George Bush!

After a higher than expected turnouts at the polls in all areas of the country, the citizens of America have prevailed in sending a clear message to George more spending money!

Not only did Democrats gain the 15 seats they needed to control the House - they picked up an additional 10! The Senate race is still too close to call with recounts occuring in Virginia and Montana. James Webb (Va) had the lead at the end of the night but with such a close margin of victory it pays to be sure.

What we also we have a new Speaker of the House - a strong woman - Nancy Pelosi! Bye bye Mr. Hastert. No more coverups for your cronies and no more lies.

Already the news reports out of Bagdhad today have the government officials advising "US" that we should not pull out of Iraq and that our President is the main decision maker and he is still in office. are going to advice us what to do? I think Iraqi officials should be more concerned about the violence and civil unrest in their own country before they start handing out advice to the United States.

A clear message was sent back to George Bush yesterday. American's are not happy and we do have control over what goes on in Washington. If we turn out in droves, we can defeat any voting irregularities and set things back to a rational perspective.

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