Saturday, November 11, 2006


There are a lot of lively conversations on talk radio these days since the Democrats have won the majority in both houses. One of the topics of discussion is investigating possible crimes and misdemeanors committed by George Bush since he has been in office and whether or not there should be impeachment hearings for those crimes. The reaction to impeachment hearings is mixed.

While I believe that GW's actions should be investigated and publicized for the world to see, I am not in favor of impeachment and let me tell you why. GW has two years left in office. By the time both houses waste precious energy in gathering, documenting and validating all of his actions for impeachment, he could have less than 6 months left in office. Removing him at that point serves no purpose and leaves Dick Cheney to run the White House. It also puts the Democrats way behind in their promise to clean things up and right the wrongs that GW has already committed. This will create ample fodor for Republicans in the next Presidential election and could hurt Democrats overall.

We all remember the standstill when Congress went after Bill Clinton. It was their primary focus and nothing else was accomplished. Do we really want that now when we have just won a major victory in Washington? I believe it is better for both houses to come into session and begin cleaning house. The world sees the Democratic victory as a blow to the Bush Administration and as a sharp turn to the left in regards to healing our relationships with other key nations.

Vengence should not be the modus of operandi at this moment. We should use this momentum to enact great change and prepare for the next election. Everything that is accomplished with the new majority can be used by every candidate that runs in the future.

We have seen plenty of bad decisions in the last six years. GW is now a lame duck president with no spending money. Let him sit back and watch as the country is rebuilt around him. This in itself is far more amusing than impeachment.

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