Thursday, April 06, 2006

Where in the world is.........Katie Couric?

Well....I thought I might weigh in with a few thoughts on the whole Katie Couric migration to CBS News. Interesting huh? Who would have thought......Katie a news anchor before Matt? I am not a big fan of Matt Lauer so I am thrilled at her success. She will leave the Today Show at the end of May and until her first appearance at CBS (I have read that this will be sometime in the Fall) they will build her a brand new set and groom her for more serious journalistic endeavors. Don't get me wrong......I firmly believe that Katie can assume a more serious role each night but I will miss the "bubbliness" of the Today Show Katie. I hear that she will also assume a role on the 60 Minutes telecast. Now there is a show that needs "bubbly" .....and lots of it. I am actually looking forward to her first broadcast. Ok......that might sound dumb......but I am a news junkie so its par for the course.

So where does that leave the Today Show? Unfortunately, they did not choose someone who is already giving their dying breath to fill in for the "Katie's and the Matt's". Solid and bubbly choices were Campbell Brown and Ann Curry. Both equally deserving of a promotion into Katie's seat.

But no. They went outside the family and chose Meredith Vieira from The View.

Now....Meredith is fabulous in her niche on The View. She seems to be the peacemaker of the bunch. But let's face it.........The View does go after a certain demographic and she is enjoyed by that demographic (women over 40 who stay at home with kids). I would say that she is not particularly bubbly............interesting and savvy yes.........bubbly.....not particularly. is true that Barbara Walters handed the Today Show off to Jane Pauley and Jane handed off to Katie. However, Jane and Katie were much younger when they joined the Today Show. Again.....I think the demographics are a bit different with Meredith. NBC has enjoyed the #1 Morning Show title for some time........followed closely by Good Morning America. This just might be the push GMA needs to advance in those ratings.

Now.....I don't think Meredith will "sink the ship" on the Today Show. I find her to be interesting and will enjoy seeing her performance over there. I just have my doubts on the overall viewer response to this whole transition.

I think Katie is getting the better deal out of the two moves. Her move to CBS is exactly what it needs to eliminate the stuffy old "men's club" atmosphere that has reigned CBS News for decades. Walter Cronkite appeared on Larry King last night and gave Katie high praise as the new anchor. Coming from's worth its weight in gold.

Katie can't lose.

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