Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I have been in a bit of a quandary of late and it usually happens this time every year. What type of plants should I plant in my flower beds that the deer will not eat? Yes.......deer. You see.....they are very abundant in my "neck of the woods". Abundant may not be the word. They are hanging from trees. Every yard is an adventure in eating. A "Denny's" for the furry creatures.

Now....they are very cute. I have been known to feed them corn or salt licks back in the woods. However, when it comes to plantings, I don't want my yard to become one big salad bar for them. So yesterday, as I was listening to Sirius, I thought.........what would Martha Stewart do?

As it just so happens, I was listening to Martha on her Sirius program - "Ask Martha". Here was my chance. I would go "to the mountain" and ask an expert. I felt sure that she would have at least a dozen flowers she could recommend. So I called her show.

Within one minute I was talking to her. I posed my question. She paused.......then started into a story about how she has had the same thing happen to her on her farm until she eventually fenced every thing in. But she digressed and could only think of Holly and Vibernums as a recommendation. She said she would have to get back to me on this one. Wow......get back to me? I stumped the Martha? I continued to listen when she left for a commercial break and came back.

When she came back she was a plethora of knowledge! Wisteria.....lupines....etc etc etc. She even recommended the Oregon State University website that would give me these plants plus more. I also learned that daffodils are poisonous to deer and they won't eat them........but I digress.

I thought about it later. As soon as she went to break.....or maybe shortly before she went to break......she probably held up signs......"Info! I need more info on this!" She probably put some poor intern through their paces during that 60 second break.

All in all, she gave me some great information that was indeed very helpful. I found her to be quite pleasant overall. I don't think I expected her to be rude because this is her life and she is the expert when it comes to gardening or cooking.

After all, if she doesn't know........who does?

Ta Ta!

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