Friday, April 28, 2006

Gas Prices

The last time I blogged about gas prices was back in August. At that time gas prices were raging at $2.65 a gallon. I would love to have $2.65 right about now!

Today I offer up my hypothesis on where these high gas prices originate. At the time GW took office, a gallon of regular was $1.46 on average. We haven't seen that price since. What the time of 9/11, GW said to his Arab buddies........."You turn your head on what I do in the Middle East to "fight terrorism" and I will not put up a fight when you cut back oil production - driving costs through the roof". Realizing that Americans consume the most oil by far than any other nation in the world.........the Arabs make a nice profit without it directly coming from the US Govt. for their cooperation.

Take a look at today's recent news clips........GW has told all Americans that we must "end our addiction to oil" or "we must look for alternatives". Not a word is said to the Arab nations in regards to OPEC control of oil production. GW hasn't uttered a peep. GW is an oil man! Do we really expect him to be sympathetic??? He has served the OPEC nations and his stateside oil buddies well in the last 6 1/2 years.

Anyway......we could rant about this all day I suppose. It appears that Govt officials are now concerned about it all just because this is an election year. No one wants to be seen not voting for the latest Congressional "bright idea" to lower fuel expensives or give tax rebates.

It's all about the vote now.

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