Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Where's the beef? a couple of weeks ago I had this bright idea to give up meat products for Lent. I thought it was something more meaningful than giving up chocolate, soda or junk food. I thought.....what could be worse than hearing some pitiful woman moaning about not having chocolate.

I know what could be worse. Listening to myself moan everytime I hear a commercial for Longhorn Steakhouse or KFC! Yikes! This IS quite the penance! Typical things that I took for granted.......Skyline......chicken salad.......sausage.........all unavailable to me for the remaining two and a half weeks!

I have eaten fish anyway I can get it - on a bun, in a basket, on a stick. I had pizza last night with my girlfriend (aka. TC) and I tried imagining the sausage and pepperoni........but it just wasn't working. My biggest fear is that I am going to wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat screaming "Where's the beef!". Seriously.....while I am intrigued about my obvious dependency on meat's not enough to find this amusing.

Dieting is one thing. This is another. On a diet....or shall I say....changing your eating can still have a cookie every now and then. It's good not to deprive yourself of having a treat. It betters your odds of staying with your program. I suppose this is why I chose this "penance" in the first place. A little restriction in a lifetime of carefree eating could not hurt me.

Two and a half more weeks. Thank God the oysterfest starts on Friday I tell myself. A distraction from the madness for a little while. Keep your eyes on CNN.........if you hear about a woman who held up a Burger King at gunpoint only to run off with a dozen Whopper will be me.

(Please pass the marshmellow eggs.)

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TC said...

This just gets sadder by the day. The minute. What do you plan to do when Bird Flu restricts chicken production (and therefore consumption) and Mad Cow (recently found in an Alabama-based bovine) depletes the supply of beef? It's bound to happen. Hmm. The buffalo, bison and mastadons are long gone...