Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Terrorism & GW

So here we are........years into conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq all based on the need to thwart the growth of terrorism. We have successfully captured Saddam Hussein and we are subjected to his "carnival court" proceedings each week. Osama is still "on the lam" and pops up every now and again to taunt us.

In a meeting with Italian journalists this week, GW said that Osama's video tape won him re-election. It reinforced to him that by Osama calling him "bad" it emphasized to the American people that Bush must be going a good job. him the election. Wow.....that's giving a lot of credit to someone who deserves nothing from us.

Republicans will stress that there has not been another terroristic attack in the U.S. since 9/11. Obviously, this is because GW is in office. Again......a lot of credit for really being lucky.

Do we really think that we have stopped them? Now I believe some of our efforts have protected us to some extent but by no means are we completely "armored". Our best defense against terrorism has been average American citizens pointing out the stereotypical individuals who fit the mold of the 9/11 terrorists. I don't think we will ever be truly safe from this type of extremism - killing and maiming innocent individuals all for the sake of a religious calling.

However, today we are being asked to trust. GW was quoted the other day that "Americans don't need to worry about security". Trust in him........he knows what he is doing. This is why he has cut a deal with the UAE to manage our largest sea ports along the East coast. What he doesn't want to say.....or won't that he is trying to keep his Arabian friends close.

The same friends from the same countries that bred the terrorists who hit us all on 9/11. We are being asked to trust and not worry about security. Who pays the ultimate price for looking the other way?

The same people who paid the price on 9/11 - average working Americans

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