Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Lenten observances

This may seem to be an odd topic to be posted in my blog but I found it interesting what people "give up" as their Lenten observance. Even though I am gay and I do have reservations about my faith from time to time, I do try to follow the spirit of the season and abstain from meat on Fridays during Lent. It is my personal resolve in honor of Jesus Christ and what I believe he did for all of us.

I would think that there is a poll out there somewhere that gauges the Top 10 things people give up during Lent. Invariably, chocolate would have to be number one. I think I know at least five people I work closely with that have decided that they must resist that temptation. Yes....I have thought about tormenting them by stopping by Frisch's (local restaurant) and buying a Hot Fudge Cake, but not being a huge chocolate person would hardly be worth it.

I have decided to give up red meat completely for the next 40 days. While I thought this would be relatively easy and healthy, it has not been so easy. I guess old habits die hard. Lunch options center around fish or salads. Its odd to not reach for chicken or a turkey sandwich. Both would normally be considered healthy but not on my menu during Lent.

I do have one fishy option starting at the end of the month. A local restaurant has an event called "Oysterfest" and I place that high on my list of things to do during the Lenten season. Yesssss......say what you must. I have heard all of the oyster comments. Everything from simply "Ewwww" to "it looks like a bad cold". Oysters are an acquired taste that is for sure but at least try them once and form an opinion. The menu for Oysterfest is so varied (beyond just steamed or raw) that everyone has an opportunity to try one without even knowing that they actually are eating them!

So if you are one of those individuals joining me in the fishy fare for the next 40 days, good luck to you! However, if you are one of those die-hard chocolate fanatics and are giving up chocolate for Lent, please increase your therapy sessions, take your vacation time or resolve yourself of the fact that you will be inclined to cheat to maintain our emotional health!

Thanks Eastah Bunny! (bawk bawk)

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the companion said...

I'd like to comment as the companion of one giving up everything but fish during lent... it's hard on us as well! See, I love to cook. And while I've tried on more than one occasion to do the vegetarian thing for health reasons, it really cramps my menu style. Especially when my companion turns up her cute little nose at any mention of black beans, lentils, or heaping helpings of plain old veggies as the appropriate substitute. Fish is difficult to cook well -- it overcooks/undercooks and stinks up the entire house, no matter the marinade. Shrimp/crab/oysters etc... well, I work for a non profit. Enough said.

Black beans, on the other hand, are a tasty, healthy alternative. Fabulous in a variety of South of the Border-style recipes. Fajitas, quessadillas, taco salds or just a simply prepared pot of beans and rice. Yummy. High fiber. Low fat.