Sunday, February 19, 2006

Scare of the week!

As I was out on my lunch break downtown on Friday, I walked past the local Broadway Series office and received quite a scare. A Broadway poster in the window read:

Cathy Rigby IS Peter Pan!

The first thing that came to my mind was......Isn't she a bit old for this? Honestly.....enough already. Here is a example of one of our Olympic finest not being able to say "When". I came back to my desk and just had to "Google" her so I could reinforce the fact that she is a bit old for the part.

Cathy Rigby is 51 and she is still playing Peter Pan! She started playing this role in 1974! Good grief people......surely we have another star who could take this role and allow this woman to retire! Let her prep for the Summer Olympics for crying out loud. The thought of her flying around in the air at 51 and wearing all that pancake makeup to look youthful is a bit frightening.

Time to move along Cathy. It's been fun and a good run. You saved us from Mary Martin's aging performance and now it is time for someone to save you!

Fly Cathy Fly!

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