Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Jury Duty?

Exactly what I said when I opened the envelope that contained those lucky words.....You have been chosen. It also came with a lengthy questionnaire that zeroed in on all those pitfall questions that may or may not qualify me to be a member of a jury.

So....at 47 I finally get chosen for jury duty. I must say that this may be infinitely more fun if it were in a major city and not Dearborn County Indiana. My mind automatically went to some of the major arrests that have occurred in the last year. There were some murders, money laundering and vehicular homicides. I figured it would have to be a crime of that magnitude to warrant a jury trial. We are not talking about chicken coop raiding or petty theft here. Still, this county is not a hotbed of interesting criminal activity and I am at least thankful for that! Oh yeah....and the letter said that I should consider this a privilege to be performing this civic duty.

I filled out the questionnaire and sent it back this past weekend. My jury term is set for July and August. I am a bit interested to see how this unfolds since I am "virgin" to this whole process. I don't expect this to be glamorous, but I am hoping that I get a trial that has a little meat to it. Something interesting but not so involved that it reminds me of  "Twelve Angry Men".

No....no angry men.

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