Friday, May 31, 2013

Summer Fun

Yes.....I said it. Summer! After a pretty chilly Spring.....I am already jumping into the next season which assures us of hot weather and fun activities!

I don't have a lot of firm plans for the Summer. I have several Indiana Fever games lined up and that's about it. I am more excited about taking advantage of what Cincinnati has to offer downtown. There are so many new things going on down there - Party's in the Park, events on Fountain Square, Pride Week, Red's baseball, brand spankin new restaurants and a lively Over the Rhine area - just to name a few.

If you have never been to Cincinnati and don't declare it as one of your tourist destinations, then why not try it the next time you have to take a training class somewhere? The city has been revitalized and you will be pleasantly surprised at what you will experience.

One of those experiences is Over The Rhine. I gotta say.....ten years ago I would have steered you far and wide of that area if you were new here. Poverty and crime were rampant and it just wasn't somewhere you wanted to be if you got lost and had to ask for directions. These days though it is quite the opposite. One of the main draws is Findley Market. Now FM isn't has been there for decades as the local farmers market. In fact I am quite sure that my great-great grandparents probably shopped there when they lived on Green Street. It is quite the market today - not only selling fresh fruits and vegetables (I don't buy Brussels Sprouts from anywhere else) but a wide selection of meats and fish, prepared foods, spices, honey and baked goods. Surrounding FM are some great restaurants and stores offering everything from cookies to beer/wine tastings. It is very easy to kill two hours down there with everything they have to offer! And it is easy to get to from the main city area.......

So what are your Summer plans? Hanging close to home? Taking that dream vacation? There are just so many days of Summer ahead - choose wisely and have fun!

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