Saturday, July 02, 2011

Ahhhh....the holiday weekend - July 4th

Day Two of the holiday weekend and I have already traveled 700+ miles! I took Friday off and drove over to St. Louis for the day to spend some celebratory time with one of my favorite aunts.

So here I am at home....a little tired and a bit hungry. I stopped by one of my favorite chicken places on the way home so I am waiting for a friend of mine to stop over and join me for some fried chicken and beer. Lovely way to spend a holiday weekend night.

Tomorrow....I will spend a little time in my backyard. I am thinking about putting in a fire pit a little closer to my house so it can be enjoyed by all. I have one already but it is on the corner of my lot.....down a small but steep hill. My friends wouldn't even be able to manage it more less my family. So I am planning something a little closer, more convenient. Perhaps I will have my act together enough to have it in place this weekend. Hmmm....maybe.....but not likely.

Here's hoping that you.....wherever you are......are having a lovely weekend.

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