Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Casey Anthony

Well, how about that folks? She was found innocent of the three counts of murder and manslaughter. I have to say....part of me was shocked but the other half was not. I listened to closing arguments and without more evidence that showed that she put that duct tape on her child........it was going to be tough to get Murder 1. I thought that they would get her on a lesser count, but clearly.....she was smarter than any of else realized.

At this point, after spending three years in jail already........she will walk free on Thursday. Ahhhh....but where will she go? Do you think her family was really ok with being dragged through the mud during the trial? She has her freedom but at what cost? It is a bit bittersweet methinks.

Her family will never get the answer on what happened to their granddaughter. Some may think that the parents would cover for her but how could they? The crime was heinous if it was committed by her. These folks seemed like stand-up folks. I don't buy the sexual abuse claims for a minute. All lies manufactured by the "lying Queen". Casey Anthony wanted attention and she got it for three long miserable years.

And now.........she's free.


jelloshotwench said...

I think her family was, at the very least, in on the defense strategy. They all knew exactly what would be said and their roll in it. She will be back home with the folks before ya know it.

Sue said...

Well, now we know...free
July 14th. One more reason I am glad I don't live in O-Town anymore. The whole situation is just plain sad and hopefully Casey will meet Karma...sooner, rather than later.

If Casey does return to her parents, then I am agreeing with jelloshotwench ~ they were in cahoots with defense. If her parents do not take her in, that will speak volumes.

Rita said...

Yesssss....we will know all next week. The theory is that she will leave town but she is still very recognizable even if she showed up in Cincinnati! She faces looking over her shoulder for a long time to come. She's going to make some money for something.....and if she is wise...she will move to Alaska where they are known to be patient with freaks of nature.