Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas gifts

As I sit here this evening and catch up on my blog reading, I am reminded of some of my "Christmas gifts past". Some of them I have conveniently forgotten.....I suppose it is better to just blame my old lesbian memory, but there are some Christmas' that I just simply can't remember what I received from my significant other at the time. I am sure that they were all fabulous - the correct size, color, shape and blinked, beeped and buzzed. I'm sure that I was thrilled with each and every one of them.

I think.

I don't recall getting a "bad" gift per say. I mean....nothing sticks out in my mind as something that was just so wrong I will not only remember it in this lifetime but in the next three lifetimes. And, I am just as hopeful that in all of my years of bestowing gifts......I made sound decisions. recollections of gifts being hurled back in my direction or loud wailing cries from significant others.

I have always thought I was more of a receiver than a giver, but after recollecting on "Christmas gifts past", I am not so sure. I love buying for other people and seeing the joyous expressions on their faces when they receive something fabulous! That makes me feel wonderful!

This season is about giving, but in order to give.....someone has to receive. This leads me to my question this evening. What makes you more happy - giving or receiving?


Anonymous said... did make sound decisions..I STILL treasure my Peter Warrick jersey, all the rookie cards- Dunn, Warrick and Janikowski as well as the Bowden pic - priceless. So my advice to you..TUNE IN to is not about the quantity but the THOUGHT and tuning in to her subtle hints :-)

CJ said...

I like giving better. However, having just lost my sister's Christmas present (I'm hoping it's still somewhere in the house and didn't go out with the trash), I am feeling a bit stressed about this whole gift giving process.