Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tuesday vacation ramblings

Yesterday we had adventures in "mud bathing" at the local Sonoma spa and today it was all about wine. It is quite the business that these wineries have in regards to tastings. The seven wineries we visited managed to sucker us in to buying close to twenty bottles today. And this was just Sonoma and not Napa!

We found that we like can recommend several Sonoma wineries to you today - Kendall Jackson (always a winner methinks), Simi, Stryker, Ferrari-Carano, Silver Oak (very good), Ledson and St. Francis. There was one winery - Seghesio - that promised to be a good one but fell short of our expectations so we can't recommend that one. However, I am going to use my "shoe analogy" again and say that just because you and I like the same pair of shoes it doesn't mean they are going to fit us both comfortably. Therefore......Seghesio may turn out to be your all-time favorite but for us.......it was blah.

I can recommend a nifty little drive-in restaurant on Rt 128 in St. Helena called "Taylor's Automatic Refresher". We will likely go there again tomorrow as we plan to spend another day wine tasting in Napa. This restaurant has been shown on the Food Network so it is a winner. I enjoyed the Western Bacon Blue Ring burger. A delightful combination of an onion ring, crumpled blue cheese, pickles, red onions and barbecue sauce. Mighty tasty indeed!

My friends and I are weary travelers this evening. We are resting up in preparation of another day of wine tasting and a lovely dinner in downtown Napa tomorrow evening. We have also found out that the temperature tomorrow will be 98 and 102 on Thursday. Yes......102 degrees in Napa on Thursday!

I was very happy to see that Hillary won the primary in West Virgina today. I am still of the mindset that Obama will help the Democratic party MORE if he asks Hillary to be his running mate. Can you imagine how many more seats in the House and the Senate we can fill with Democrats if we have both Hillary and Obama supporters going to the polls? If we have folks deciding to not vote because Hillary is not part of this plan.....the lack of votes will not help the cause. I can't even imagine who Obama will choose if it is not Hillary. I am hearing more stories about McCain choosing Huckabee as his VP and that just scares the bejeezus out of me.

So this ends my ramblings for the day. Time to rest for more restful vacation meanderings tomorrow!



Anonymous said...

Enjoy your vacation! Get some rest....you have a HUGE paint job awaiting you! : ) Closing Tuesday!


CJ said...

Sounds like you ladies are having fun! Thanks for the wine tips. Twenty bottles in one day - I am looking forward to hearing the grand total. Enjoy and be sure to drink plenty of fluids (wine) in that 100 degree weather.

ProstateCancer said...
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lynt said...

update, please. i posted a taste of our journey home on my blog... and sent folks here for the rest of the story. are you that busy inventorying your wine cellar?