Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Insemination/Baby update

Well.....after months and months of preparing for the baby to arrive, my friend looks like she is ready to deliver at any time. Ok.......she has gained a little weight.....40 pounds or so........but she definitely has "the glow". She should deliver her baby boy - Alex - around April 3rd.

I have told her many times that it seems just like yesterday that she was talking about it. It was about this time last year when she was looking through profiles and narrowing down her perspective donors. I don't think I can ever recall a pregnancy just flying by like this one. It has really gone by fast!

I think she has had 32 baby showers across three states. She has logged more driving time than an old balding trucker. Seriously, I am thinking that next time we just rent her an RV and make it into one long road trip! There were lots of people who were very generous and he has a ton of great stuff to start him on life's great adventure.

TC and I were out at the outlet mall this past weekend. I couldn't help noticing all of the cute little toddler outfits everywhere. Who wouldn't want a Ralph Lauren Oxford size 2T?

What's the song say about a "Sharp Dressed Man"? Can't start too soon!

Stay tuned!

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