Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Ahhhh yes........time for a renewed outlook.....rebirth....rejuvenation......having a babies.......and cutting the grass! Yeah well......for those of us who are homeowners.......old or new........yard work is inevitable so you might as well get use to it.

I have several projects lined up inside my mind for the Spring. Currently I am building a wall around my flower bed on the side of my house. You of those wall thingys with the special retaining wall bricks? is well over due and now that I have a brand new home built right next door........I have to do everything I can to keep my appraisal value up, up, up!

I am often reminded that the projects I choose to call "weekend projects" normally take at least a month to do but it not worth it in the end? Absolutely!

I am just getting passed a horrific "pipe bursting" incident which soaked 1/3 of my finished basement! Ugh! My furniture and electronics all survived but I was pained with the inconvenience of not having my family room available to me for a month! Worst of it was I was without my cable box.......and Showtime.......for at least five episodes of the L Word! But thanks to my good friend Robin......and her brand new 46 inch HD TV with OnDemand....I am almost caught up with all of the episodes. I have two more to go and I am dismayed that someone hasn't knocked-off Jenny by now.

Another rite of Spring here in Cincinnati is.........Oysterfest! Oh yes indeed! All the oysters you care to eat and 100 ways to eat them. Ok......not quite 100 but pretty close! Beginning on Friday and running all the way to Easter Sunday.....I will be in oyster heaven. I have been nicknamed 'Rita Rita Oyst-ah Eat-ah' by my friend Joaner. She has endured many trips to the Oysterfest with me and bestowed that nickname upon me. She was a good friend to endure it all even though she couldn't bring herself to eat any of them no matter how they were cooked.

I guess I should bring up the fact that the Cincinnati Reds Opening Day is on April 2nd. I am what you would call a "fair-weather" fan of the Reds. They have been out of the post season races for so long.......why bother getting worked up anymore? Anyway......April 2nd is a huge day around here. It's the time when kids take off school to watch the Opening Day parade and then if they are lucky.......go to the ballpark to watch the first game of the season.

So what does Spring hold for you? Vacation plans? Yard work? Spring cleaning? It's all good. However.........if you are can always join me at Oyst-ahfest!

Ta Ta!

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