Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Things that drive me crazy

On my way to work this morning, I thought of a half dozen things that drive me crazy. So I thought I would share. Perhaps we share the same gripes and maybe it will inspire you to think of a half dozen of your own.
  • I cannot stand people who are not able to drive the speed limit or above in the passing lane. Yeah ok.........it is the passing lane. I am completely aware. However, if you cannot drive at least 5 miles over the legal limit (and five miles over is allowable), please remove yourself from the passing lane. Other folks have places to be....especially during rush hour.
  • People (right in front of you) who take the last bit of half-n-half or skim or no fat milk and leave you with an empty pitcher staring at a cup of black coffee. Who are these people?
  • Any person who is agitated enough to say "Uh uh....no she did-int" to a total stranger. Ummm.....yes she did and now is not the time to prove you're something that you are not.
  • I cannot tolerate people who for whatever reason cannot show compassion or simple human decency to a person who is down on their luck. You know.....it happens a lot and from people you would not expect.
  • Morning walkers. And I mean pre-dawn's early light walkers who wear no reflective clothing to highlight that they are walking in the roadway just to maintain their figure. Very frightening when you turn the corner and there they are! Eeeeek!
  • The worst thing is needing a book of stamps and only having a $20 to slide into the stamp machine. Ugh......twelve dollars in change - all in dollar coins. Haven't we grown up enough now to have debit card readers on most convenience machines?

Thank God I could only think of six today..................


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