Wednesday, January 03, 2007


For those of you who don't know me personally, I am a technology freak. If it buzzes, blinks or beeps, I gotta have it. So after I purchased a IPod Nano for TC for Christmas, I decided that I had to have one myself.

I can remember just 13 years ago when I bought my first PC. It was a 486 - "pre-Pentium anything". I think I had about 64 mgb of Ram in the thing - very skeletal compared to today's high velocity models. Even the internet was a shadow of itself. Files could be downloaded from stripped down indexed directories on primitive web pages. All via a 14K modem! The big internet provider at the time was Prodigy and then shortly after that AOL. My first experience in any kind of chat room was on Prodigy. As I think back, I was amazed that I could actually chat with women from all around the United States. Each of them with their own personalities, problems and drama. Lots of drama! I thought has really come a long way.

Ha! Where are we today? Intel 4.0 Gigabit processors.....Blackberry's.....IPod's......DVD's (remember the old laser disks?)......Satellite dishes that don't take up your entire back yard....Sirius/XM....Cell phones that fit on your ear....text messaging......OnStar.........and TV in your car! And how about that wireless access in Starbucks?

It's just amazing to think about the leaps we have taken in this Technological Age and how quickly we are still advancing with it.

So what devices did you have in 1995? Did you own a computer? What was your first computer experience like?

I think out of all of the ages past..........this is the best time to be alive.

Ta Ta!


Anonymous said...

I can remember my Dad bringing home my first computer in 1987 - a Commodore 64 with a 300 baud modem! I thought it was so cool that I could log onto bulletin board systems (they were called BBS's) and send messages (now called e-mails) to people. My friend Nick and I discovered a way to actually link into each others computers and communicate instantly. It took about 2 - 3 minutes for the message to go through, but it worked. I think I may have discovered Instant Messaging!! : )


Rita said...

Wow.....a Com 64! I forgot all about those. Now that you say that I remember someone who had an old Tandy computer. We are really going back a ways now.

*sigh* feeling older by the minute