Monday, January 22, 2007

Nine players - Nine months

For the ninth time in a year, another Bengals player has been arrested for some unlawful activity. In the wee hours of the morning, rookie Johnathan Joseph was arrested and charged with the possession of marijuana.

Three weeks ago Marvin Lewis proclaimed that he was going to get tough on his players. The gloves were off........he was not going to allow things to continue as they have been in the last year. They even brought the Cincinnati Police in to talk to the players about the dangers of drinking and driving and other unlawful activities.

It didn't work.

So here we are for the ninth time. At what point do we say, "Marvin, the players are not listening to you and it clearly shows that they do not respect you". At what point does Bengals owner Mike Brown say..........."Marvin, you have lost control of this team". Granted, we could say that Mike Brown should step in and lower the boom on these players. However, by stepping in and correcting the situation, it will clearly show that he too does not have confidence in Marvin.

I believe the players like Marvin a lot. Maybe too much. Maybe this is the problem. Perhaps there needs to be a line drawn on professionalism and coaching and being the player's buddy. Can Marvin be their friend and then turn around and be a hard-ass?

Something isn't working. Marvin has been the head coach for four years and he has only one.....yes one........winning season so far. There were lots of distractions this season primarily because of all of the off-the-field antics.

Time to up-the-anty on the punishments handed down from the front office. I don't care to win if it means we only win by drafting thugs or juveniles disguised as adults. Johnathan Joseph needs to be cut from the team. How can a rookie actually have the guts to take this kind of chance after seeing what has happened to eight other teammates?

Someone has to stand up and say........this will not be tolerated....and mean it! The arrest today sent a clear message to the community. The players are not listening and there is a lack of leadership in the Bengals organization to enforce or inspire good behavior.

The Bengals can't play or win as a team until they become a team. Right now......they are fractured and looking for something or someone to rally behind.

Wow.........just think.........this all starts all over again in 8 months.

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