Monday, January 15, 2007


2007 is rumbling in like an elephant. No one can say that January has not been a bit bizarre and twisted!
  • Last week the Ohio Valley reached highs in the upper 50's. Surely part of the warmest winter in the midwest! Maybe winter will get around to us by...oh.....March!
  • Rosie and Donnie have quieted their feud for now. You have to admit it was a bit comical. Not really sure what role Barbara Walters played, but like Donald......she knew where the money was and chose her battle accordingly.
  • How about the kids in Missouri who were kidnapped and then rescued this week? Mighty mighty lucky! We find out now that the kid who was gone for four years actually had a profile out on Yahoo (with pictures) and may have actually even posted a message on his own missing person's website! How freaky is that?
  • Ahhhh.....the football season. The AFC is falling into place exactly how I thought it would - the Colts and the Patsies for one showdown in Indianapolis. Maybe Peyton can get it right this time? How wild would it be if Viniteri kicks the winning field goal? Hmmm....methinks "Coach Hoodie" would not be pleased.
  • "More troops to Iraq" declares King GW. Just how many more months of this do we have to endure?
  • 12 Angry Men is the featured Coming Attraction for me for January! Hopefully I can resist shouting "Norm!" when George Wendt takes the stage. Thanks TC!
  • It is Chesapeake Bay doggy visiting this month. Time to see exactly what I will be getting myself into!
  • Will she or won't she? I think we will be hearing from Hillary very soon on her presidential campaign plans. New Hampshire has forced the hand of every able politician by holding a presidential debate in April 2007! Come out fighting or stay on the damn porch!

That's all I've got for now!


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