Sunday, September 24, 2006

Who Dey? Not the Steelers


The headline on the ESPN page right now says............."Believe the Hype". Today's game against the Steelers was the prime example of a grudge match. Bengals' fans have been waiting for this match-up since last January when our quarterback was ruthlessly taken down in the playoffs. There was no one believing that this was going to be an easy victory today. The Steelers were just coming back from a humilitating loss to Jacksonville on Monday night football. We knew it would be tough.

Long story short...........the Bengals answered when the going got tough - Bengals 28 - Steelers 20. So.....believe the hype.......the Bengals will not fade away when the game starts heating up.

Next up - the Patsies come to town next Sunday at 4:15. I have accepted the wager from my Boston friends. To them, please note...........I like Chardonnay.


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