Sunday, August 06, 2006

Still here!

Wow.....most would think that I fell off the face of the earth since June! On the contrary, I am alive and well after taking the whole month of July "off" from blogging.

Let's see.......have we missed much?
  • My friend who has undergone Artifical Insemination (twice!) is now officially pregnant thanks to a little help from the fertility drug Clomed. No word on whether she is having twins. She will know more after her first Ultrasound in three weeks. Regardless, she has lots of solid positive support from her friends who will be ready for her next big day - the delivery!
  • Hocking Hills camping adventure in the cabin was quite restful. We had a power outage one day which gave us all a scare because that weekend was very hot and humid! All went well after a couple of hours and the weekend was pleasurable for all.
  • Joe Lieberman is having a little difficulty with his Senate campaign. He is lagging behind his competition by double digit points now! Hmmm....guess this is what he gets when he continually lends his support to a President who does not meet favor with a majority of Americans. This should be a warning to the rest of the congressional leaders. You had your fun and now its time to clean up the mess!
  • Speaking of Congressional leaders........Hillary really grilled Rumsfeld last week. Just one word for that........FABULOUS!
  • The NFL Season gets underway this week! Damn.....where has it been? The Bengals kick off their first pre-season game in Cincinnati against the Redskins on August 13th! ROAR! Here is the early Bengals fight song to get you in the mood for the upcoming season!

On that note.............I am off! More to come in the very near future!


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