Wednesday, August 16, 2006

JonBenet we have all heard by now that there is some pitiful dude over in Bangkok who has "confessed" to the murder of JonBenet Ramsey. I must admit.....when I heard this on the news this afternoon it left me scratching my head.

Most of the evidence didn't point to someone outside of the house. No footprints in the snow outside the house.....the murder weapons were all items from inside the house.......and even the scratchpad that the killer left the ransom note on was from inside the house. The house itself was a maze of rooms and hallways. Even a person familiar with the house would get lost in it. Yet somehow, a person who lived outside the in......took JonBenet and made his/her way to the basement.

Now I admit that I never bought the notion that one of her parents killed her.......but I did buy the idea that one of her siblings did the deed and the parents were a shield for him/her. I mean.....that's what parents do right? Unconditional love?

So....they get a confession from this guy in Bangkok. Did I mention that he had done time in a Bangkok prison for some kind of dastardly deed? Yeah.....the Bangkok prisons make our prisons look like Ritz-Carltons. Maybe that's why he is in a U.S. prison could be mighty appealing. I don't know if they have the death penalty in Colorado so that might be another plus for him.

After ten years.......we finally have hope that this little girl will finally rest in peace. I guess it is true that in time everyone has to "meet their maker" for the injustices that they have done to someone else.

Hey O.J., how's the hunt for the "real" killer going?

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