Monday, August 28, 2006

Blunders of the week

Wow......where do I begin with the following two stories? Blunder really isn't the word for today's events - locally and nationally. I guess we will just jump right in and start nationally.

  • John Mark Karr - Congratulations to the Boulder Police for continuing to show everyone that they still (10 years later) do not have a clue about the JonBenet murder. Karr was released today from a Boulder jail after DNA testing concluded that his DNA was not at the scene of the crime. Fabulous! Karr still has outstanding warrants in California for child pornography so its doubtful he will be a free man for very long. Give me a break!
  • Marcus - Many of you won't know of this story but I will talk about it anyway because it has everyone in the tri-state area frustrated and angry. Marcus was a 3 year old autistic child living in a foster home on the East side. He was cute kid. Well......about 10 days ago he turned up missing at a local park. His foster family said the mother had a seizure and when she woke up.......Marcus was gone. Naturally, this initiated hundreds of volunteers to begin searching the wooded park and the surronding neighborhood. No Marcus. Today, we found out that Marcus has been gone since August 6th. His foster family lied to the child welfare agency that came by to check on him on August 16th. The foster mother also lied about her seizure in the park. It turns out that the foster family intentionally locked Marcus in a closet on August 4th and then went out of town for a family reunion. He was dead when they returned and his foster father took his body to another county and burned it. Yep...........all this and they have been charged with involuntary manslaughter. The mother "faked" her seizure and spent two days in the hospital! Her husband appeared on television to talk about his missing "son". Several days later........the mother was on television pleading for his safe return. All the while knowing that the child was dead. Now they are both resting in a local jail and the rest of their children have been placed in safe haven somewhere. Thank God!

Remind me again that in the state of Ohio I cannot adopt nor foster a child because I am gay? Yeah, I can certainly see how this child would have been worse off if he were in the home of a gay couple.

What's wrong with being alive?

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Lyn said...

Don't be so quick to think the foster parents of Marcus F. are getting off easy with a charge of involuntary manslaughter. Unlike the Boulder police, Hamilton County is building a case and as evidence emerges, I'm sure will file further charges. They're doing it right. I was one of those folks who suspected the parents even as hundreds of searchers filled that park -- it didn't make sense even then. So kudos to Hamilton County folks (and I seldom if ever have said that!) for playing their cards appropriately. So far.