Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Winter Olympics

I must say I have been a bit disappointed with our representatives to the Winter Games this year. Not crushed....just disappointed. I'm certainly not losing sleep over the fact that Bode isn't all what he was reported to be....although he is some of what was reported. Michelle Kwan's struggle to get that coveted spot on the figure skating team only to withdrawl was a bit unexpected but I wasn't truly shocked. I can tell you what did surprise me was the 50something woman known as "Grandma" in the Luge event. Sliding down the track in honor of all older women everywhere! Could you hear the trumpets and the cymbals crashing as you read that statement?

Where are the truly magnanimous athletes of old? Scotty Hamilton, Picabo Street, Katerina Witt? Ahhhh yes.....Katerina.

Anyway.........where are the athletes to rally behind? Are we seeing sooo much of the Olympic Games that they are now common place and worn out? Can you hum the Olympic theme backwards while drinking a glass of water standing on your head? Maybe we should only see them every four years period and not scattered every two years between Winter and Summer.

I mean really......if we are now watching 50 year old people participating in the Olympics.....doesn't it make you wonder about the variety of conditioned, talented athletes that are out there?

Before anyone gets carried away.....thinking they too can participate in the Olympics....let me clarify. Skiing down the Italian Alps really is more scary in person.......the Luge is not glorified sled riding and Curling is certainly not shuffleboard on ice for beer bellied men over the age of 50. there's an image.

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