Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Universal health care

I am sure that it isn't a likely topic at most gatherings. Some of us probably don't even think about it because we are already covered with our employee based programs. At some point however, we have all seen and heard the debates in-progress on Capitol Hill and have likely heard or read the misinformation about it. Trust me.....it does swirl around even when we are not in the midst of a campaign.

We are at a turning point in our American culture. Do we provide government administered heath care for all Americans or do we continue to allow all Americans to pay for those who cannot afford it today? Every time a person goes to the Emergency Room and cannot afford to pay for his/her treatment, we all pay. The rising costs of prescriptions are affecting everyone from young children to aging adults. In my own life, I watch my father every month try to pay for his Plavix prescription. There are no generics for Plavix. It is $148 a month.

President Obama's plan does not dictate who your doctor will be. Nor does it make you drop your employee based insurance plan or a plan you pay into yourself today in favor of this health care plan. It offers care to those who don't have it or lose it.

If you are confused about what is being offered or if you are confused by the conflicting rhetoric, take a look at some of the Political Fact blogs to gauge an honest opinion. There are a few credible ones out there but here's one for starters - PolitiFact.com. This site works to ensure that all statements from either side are interpreted correctly. Sometimes it is not always what we want to hear but it is good that someone is trying to set the record straight.

If you still have questions about universal heath care, consider this. We already have a form of government administered health care available to some Americans. It's called Medicare and it serves those Americans who are over the age of 65 and cannot afford to pay for insurance.

Why should health care only be administered to a select portion of our American society? Shouldn't everyone be covered?


lynt said...

I fear we're in the minority on this one... it's a misinformation cmapaign. Might even call it a 'vast right wing conspiracy'. heh.

wendy said...

Ughhhhh!!! And medicare works so well?
no conspiracy going on... it is people getting together and deciding they have had enough. Have you read the bill? I am bewildered...truly I am.

Rita said...

I will try to answer each of the questions in order. :)

Medicare. Well...they cover all doctors visits (physicals, blood work, flu shots, etc etc) and some of the hospital care that most older folks need. This is more than the remaining American citizens under 65(and the illegals) are getting today. The amount that they take out of my check for it hasn't disturbed my peace so much. Sure....my father/mother still need supplemental insurance to cover other things but their basic medical issues can be addressed under the Medicare system. Let's throw in the fact that my father could also be covered with free medical care under the VA system as well since he served in the Marine Corp - which I guess could be considered another supplemental plan....for what that's worth.

The bill. Which one are you reading? There are 11 versions.

I think there needs to be compromise on both sides to get this done. Political preferences aside, everyone knows that this has been a thorn in the side of every politician for years. Now that the politicians are all being pressed into doing some hard work on the issue - something that really makes them earn their 100K salaries and free healthcare until they die - do we really see them sweat.

If there is a better direction in getting some relief (lower health care costs and prescription costs) then that idea will eventually be reconciled in either a bill or in a smackdown on the insurance companies.

I am on page 552 by the way. The dry reading helps me go to sleep at night.

wendy said...

Well.... at least you are reading the bill.... so we just differ on our opinions of what it says. I can respect that... although you'll never convince me that this is good for America. If it were...why won't government officials participate in the plan??? This is the bill I am reading, http://docs.house.gov/edlabor/AAHCA-BillText-071409.pdf

Medicare... yes, it "assists" the elderly to a point, but my Mom can't survive on it. She has to pay 300.00 a month for a supplement insurance and has co-pays. The system is broken... it is abused.. I'd gladly (and do) give a portion of my check every week to help older folks afford health care... but we all know it doesn't just benefit them... if it was used for what it was meant for, we'd probably have enough to supplement 100% of their care....

I agree there needs to be healthcare reform. But I don't want the government running it. They should give the american people rebates to set up accounts to purchase their own insurance.

The town hall meetings that everyone is saying are organized and a conspiracy are really just people saying they want the government to stop.
We have a very differnt view on the direction this country should go in......and I have become increasingly more and more passionate about my beliefs. we'd probably do best not discussing politics... LOL