Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday evening ramblings

It occurred to me this evening that we are almost 3/4 done with 2009. Is it possible? The year has gone by so fast that I am thinking that I must be late doing something.....Christmas shopping.....etc etc.

A few more thoughts for the evening:
  • Lockerbie - Can someone tell me what has gotten into the Scots? Yes yes.....let's free the terrorist! I understand it was for non-political reasons......a compassionate release. Righto. It was very compassionate on his part in 1988 when he participated in blowing Pan Am flight 103 right out of the sky. I can also understand the Scots non-political reasoning in releasing this gentleman. Other than the Lockerbie disaster.....what terrorist is targeting Scotland? Men in kilts people!!
  • YAY! FOOTBALL SEASON! No more needs to be said.......
  • Health plan - Still more confusion being spewed in every direction on the contents of the bills. will take money to make this work. It can't be any more expensive than the Iraq War. How quickly we forget......
  • Rosie on Sirius - That's right. Rosie has her own show on Sirius Channel 102 - Monday thru Friday from 10am to Noon ET beginning this Fall. How long before she talks about her old cohorts on The View? Its good to have her back. Satellite radio is a good outlet for her.
  • LifeLock - I signed up for this a few weeks ago after someone tried to buy $600 worth of jewelery on my credit card. Technology is great but it is also a curse these days!
  • Scarefest - For those of you who need the bejeezus scared out of you. Not a horror fan myself, but I do believe in ghosts. Boo!
  • Twitter - Who's using it? Is it a fad that is fading or just ramping up?
  • Blogger - I want an iPhone app for my blog. Dammit.

Ok....that just about wraps it up for me this evening. Time to sit back and fall asleep to the television. Maybe that's where the last eight months have gone?


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lynt said...

he he. Wordpress has that app you're looking for.