Monday, March 23, 2009

Plant and Krauss

I picked up the Robert Plant and Allison Krauss collaboration CD last week. It had received so much acclaim on the AMA's and the Grammy's that I thought it was likely a safe purchase. I looked at it the same way I look at the Oscar nominated likely cannot go wrong if you choose to see one in the theater.

I was not disappointed. Now it's not my normal everyday music (I don't own a RP or a AK cd), but you know sometimes you want to listen to something slightly quirky and irregular. Something off the beat and path. Something that blends well with a small group of people sipping martinis late on a Friday afternoon. Raising Sand would be the CD for those times. Its not rock-n-roll nor is it bluegrass. Its a blend that can only be described as "alternatively unique".

I added a little eight minute documentary in my video slot on the right side of this blog for those of you who want to sample some of the music while hearing from the musicians themselves.



lynt said...

We get martinis on Friday?

Sue said...

Your review has inspired me :-) I have always loved Robert Plant, not to mention Led Zep! Will have to go to iTunes tonight and check it out! Mmmm martinis :-) Had some delicious "peartinis" Saturday night ~ yummy!

Rita said...

I like four or five songs on the cd. There are a few that are just a bit too "wistful" for me.

Rita said...

Yes.....I am sure Washington Platform has martinis.

wendy said...

I got this CD for Christmas from pam.... I love it!