Saturday, March 21, 2009

March Madness. *giggle*

Morale at my workplace is so bad no one had the gumption to start a b-ball pool this month. Sad, eh?

So Rita hooked me up and let me enter her company's madness. Mine is one of 128 brackets in the pool. As of this moment, I'm ranked #9. Last night I was #3, but then OSU screwed up.

Rita is #59.

And it's making her crazy.

With good reason. I pretty much picked my teams using my usual random approach. For example, when asked why in the world I picked Villanova to advance to the elite 8, my response was likely something along the lines of 'I like to say their name'. Rpi? Nah. And Syracuse -- honestly, I like the orange. The color.

Somewhere there's probably a committee assembled to begin the process of taking back my toaster oven. I had to get a waiver to claim it to begin with, being one of the only lesbians I know to have never played a team sport outside of kickball in second grade.

To make up for my momentary dominance I cooked dinner tonight, and we're watching the madness (and Celebrity Apprentice) with a nice Cabernet.


CJ said...

That sounds like a nice night. And I see nothing wrong with your strategy for picking teams. Makes sense to me! Hope you ladies have a wonderful evening!

The Jello Shot Wench said...

Too funny. I can hear the rantings now. I would demand the toaster oven be returned but it's just too old now ;-)

the only daughter said...

Hey, it takes all kinds to make up this wacky, quacky world in which we live.

Some of us even went against UConn. Just 'cuz.

Rita said...

Going against the UConn ladies takes real guts! Its difficult for me to get excited about the ladies tourney because UConn is the overall favorite to win by such large margins. Now....the UConn men are another story.

Statistically, where you have two # 1 seeds in the tourney from the same college - one does not make the Final Four. It has never happened. So who will go down in flames.......the UConn men or the ladies?

Oh hell....they may break the mold and both reach the FF. My bet is on the ladies......

Btw.....Lyn has dropped to 27 and I have moved up to 57.