Thursday, February 26, 2009


There aren't many of my friends who don't have strong personal or political beliefs. I am happy to say that it is this diversity that makes life interesting. I respect those folks who stand firmly behind what they believe and will defend it even when it all "goes to hell in a hand basket".

The one thing I do not respect are those folks who waffle between their political beliefs or run like hell when things are darkest. One day they are an elephant - the next day they are the donkey or worse.....something in between to escape the party that burned them.

I have been called a closeted Republican by a few (those are remaining nameless!) even though I voted the Democratic ticket. I do have some conservative viewpoints, yes, but I guess I consider myself a moderate/conservative Democrat. Either way....I voted the way my heart pointed me to vote based on my political beliefs.

I guess the main point of this post tonight is to simply say how much I respect those individuals who show "strength of conviction". Whether we disagree politically or otherwise , I think it speaks volumes to the character of such individuals. It is good to see those who can plant a stake firmly in the ground and say....."This is where I stand".

Politics one likes wishy-washy anything. If the world were made up of chameleons, we would never have experienced any decisive moments in history. We would all look like "Stepford" lesbians with our little Stepford lives in our Stepford neighborhoods. (that is a frightening thought in itself!) Who wants to be around people who mold to other peoples convictions?

I say.....stand up, kick the mold to the side and breathe freely! If you feel like you can't, then maybe the person you have become is simply not you at all.


CJ said...

Great points Rita. Sometimes I find myself yielding a bit too much and then feeling upset about it. You have given me something to think about.

Hahn at Home said...

I'm the very strongest kind of liberal. I take stands and do things when riled. However, I have a couple of points on which I'm very conservative. I'm just as strongly entrenched in that as the other - but my friends just don't get it.

And, I agree that wishy-washyness is annoying.

Why can't everyone just agree with me? Heh!

Rita said...

I guess our differences is what makes life interesting but the yo-yo personality just to fit the situation is just crazy!