Sunday, October 05, 2008


You can learn a lot about a person by how simple tasks are performed around the house. I think that it can be enlightening actually. I learn more and more about Lyn as each year goes drifting by.

Case in point......laundry.

Now I will admit....I am not the Martha Stewart of the laundry room but I am learning thanks to her lovely book. However, I do know the basics and there is simply one function for which my attention span drops dramatically - Folding. After spending one morning emptying Lyn's dryer of clothes and learning what her previous partner did for her when it comes to folding......I have decided that "Folding" should be a salaried position. That's right, I said salaried.

Apparently, women in the past have neatly folded clothes, placed them in neat little stacks awaiting for their master to pick them up from the laundry room. I also believe - although this was disputed - that the clothes were placed in color coordinated stacks in alphabetical order by color.

I could go on about the "proper" clothing drawers and the placement of particular clothing items in each drawer but I think you get the idea here. I obviously need to attend a local "Laundry Anonymous" meeting to correct my laundry deficiencies! I cannot possibly live up to the expectations of "Partners Past" after living solo for the last 12 years. The expectations are enormous and equally rivals the mountains of laundry in a blended household! name is Rita............


Hahn at Home said...

As I teach the children how to fold - they sometimes need to fold MY clothes - it's a disaster. And, a day of ironing. I don't let them touch my clothes.

They also jam all clothes in the stack into one drawer. They don't fit.

The former Magical wouldn't let me fold HER clothes because her standards were even higher.

I think the key is doing your own laundry and folding and have drawer privacy.

lynt said...

In my own defense:

1) I did not ask Rita to empty the dryer or fold the clothes and put them away. Just because they've been on the love seat since, uhm, Tuesday doesn't mean anything.

2) I am not THAT picky -- it's a stretch for Rita only because SHE DOESN'T bother to fold at her house.

3) The ex she mentions was a bit unstable; laundry was therapeutic. Who am I to stand in the way of one finding inner peace?

Anonymous said...

We used to battle how the towels should be folded....I did it the way my Mom always did and my partner did it the way her Mom always did. Since you cannot agrue the wisdom of both Moms, we now have our towels folded both ways in the closet....At least they are folded!

the only daughter said...

I'm anxious to have this discovery...folding. Indeed. :)

CJ said...

I have been put on notice that my folding skills are woefully sub-par. Ditto for the placement of said clothing in the drawers. Maybe I need that Martha book.