Friday, August 29, 2008

Veeps - Part 2

Wow.....what an interesting choice John McCain made today for his VP. The door is now closed on the whole "experience" discussion with this choice. He has chosen the Governor of one of the least populated states in the union - Sarah Palin. This is probably the best he can do at the moment.

A couple things that I just can't let go here.

1) If he thought he was going to get the women vote because he has a woman on his ticket, it is an insult to women everywhere. We are simply not going to vote for her just because she is a woman. She is NOT the right woman. She pales in comparison to Hillary. EEEEK!

2) How can she relate to mainstream America in the other 48 contiguous states? How does a Governor from Alaska relate to the struggles of Americans in Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis or Dallas? Alaska has a very specific demographic and I don't think she can relate to some of the issues that are occurring down here.

3) She has been governor for two years and they are trying to play up that she has "executive" experience. Ok......Obama hasn't governed a state but he has real world experience in a state government system - 8 years that oversees one of the largest cities in our nation. Plus the fact that he is currently in Congress. A two year governor?? Ok....I am going to say this......even Dubya had more experience than that!

4) Personally....she is an avid hunter and a snowmobiler. Avid hunter appeals to those in the NRA but I haven't heard any Democrat say that they are taking our guns away. As far as snowmobiling, she can probably drive and shoot at the same time. Sorry folks.....that is the best I can salvage from that one.

My two cents on this pick. Overall......I really like it! What a fabulous way to ensure that a Democrat walks into the White House in January!


Hahn at Home said...

Quick, down and dirty analysis. You sold me.

CJ said...

Great points. I was really surprised to see her as the pick.