Sunday, August 24, 2008

Drink Up, the Summer Wind Down Has Begun

It's downright steamy this weekend.

Today we'll be joining Jello Shot Wench and assorted others for what's become a tradition -- lesbian invasion of the local Germania Society Oktoberfest. It's the first 'official' of umpteen Oktoberfests here in the Zinzinnati area. And yes, it's held in August. It's followed two weeks from now by the Main Strasse Oktberfest in Northern Kentucky, then a week or so later by the really big and much-too-crowded big one downtown.

Germania is a hoot for a couple of reasons. It's GREAT people watching -- old men in lederhosen, family guys pushing strollers and juggling giant steins, and whiny kids begging for food not involving sausage or sauerkraut.

And then there are the activities -- personal favorites include buying raffle tix for the wagon-of-cheer (booze), betting on the rat-in-the-hole game, and the high camp tug-o-war between the local German societies and the Ancient Order of Hibernians. (Go Irish!) Seriously, the opening ceremony for the tug-o-war includes a parade, flags, the works -- it rivals the Olympics. But with more beer.

Rita will post pics in a later post, if the camera can be properly focused. Until then, what sorts of local festivals are must-attend events in your city?

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CJ said...

Olympics with beer - how fun is that. I think I would have a lot of fun at this event. Our must attened here is the Eastern States Exposition in Sept. Two weeks of Vermont apple pie, Maine baked potatos, Rhode Island clam fritters and of course, the Sam Adams Beer Garden.