Sunday, June 22, 2008

What is "Hot"?

After reviewing the 2008 list of 100 "Hot" women as chosen by lesbian and bi-sexuals everywhere, I have decided to ask the question - What is "Hot"?

Now granted, "Hot" can include brains and looks but it was quite apparent to me that lesbians and bi-sexuals are just as guilty of taking looks into consideration first just as well as any hotblooded straight male. The top 100 list has a variety of women all over the cuteness scale - not one of them would be considered deficient in the looks department.

So who came in #1 on their list? Tina Fey. I gotta tell ya......she doesn't do anything for me. Granted, she is funny and witty and she can act but I wouldn't place her as #1 on a "Hot list". I was overjoyed to see that several of The L Word ladies made the top 10 - Sarah Shahi (Carmen) being one of them. Even after she has left the show....she only dropped two places in the chart.

Now I know you some of you may say....but can see a beautiful woman across the room and be attracted to her, but then completely lose the attraction once you have a conversation with her and her 10 year old vocabulary. This is true. I would agree with that completely. However, looks are the first attraction apparently because Janet Reno didn't make this list.

Take a look at the top 100 list. Is there someone missing from that list that you thought should have been added? Excluding your current gf/partner, who do you find to be "Hot"?


lynt said...

we've already had a heated discussion about this and clearly disagree. i must not be a real lesbian -- or even human, because looks just don't enter into the equation first. tina fey is hot. brains, creative

how are you posting with no pc?

Rita said...

I have a laptop dontcha know.......

CJ said...

I have always found Karina Lombard to be "hot". Glad to see she made the list. Oh, I miss her on the L Word.

drowning pisces said...

I didn't really think of Tina Fey as hot until that scene in Baby Momma... Whew... I changed my mind pretty darn quick!

I'm thinkin' I'm a bit older than ya'll, but Susan Sarandon is on my HOT list...and Jody... Definitely Jody.