Monday, June 11, 2007

Sopranos Finale

Wow....what can one say about that ending last night? Don't know if anyone else is a fan of The Sopranos but I have been a fan from day one. I just love the mob movies and this series has just been phenomenal.

How about that ending? The whole diner scene left me sitting there on the edge of my seat waiting for that diner to blow up in front of a dismayed Meadow. The whole scene was well thought out and left you not knowing what would happen. How many of you thought that the guy who was sitting at the counter.....who slowly sauntered back to the Men's room......was going to pull a gun and shoot Tony right there? Yep....I did. But when they concentrated on Meadow's three or four attempts to parallel park her car I thought for sure that the last scene would be her opening her car door just at the moment to see her entire family be blown up.

Then! Oh gets better! Just as she opens the diner door and goes black! that very moment I said......"I just lost my freakin cable!!!!!!!!!" LOL
I thought for sure Comcast had sent me down the river again! But alas...........after 10 of the longest seconds on television..........the credits started to roll.........then I knew it was over. It appears that the only people who were going to be killed off last night was the audience and they did it by the quick black screen.

Truly great programming from HBO on this one. My two favorite programs are now in the HBO history books.........Sex in the City and The Sopranos. I hear that a movie is in the works for SITC and that's fine, but I really don't care if a movie comes out for The Sopranos or not. It was a great six seasons!

Now they will run it for eternity on the A&E Channel..............


Hahn at Home said...

I stood in my living, hands waving, yelling at the television as my kids/sister looked at me in retrospect, the ending was brilliant.

Rhea said...

To be honest I've watched just 1 or 2 episodes of the Sopranos -- ever! I plan to have surgery one day and then get the whole series on DVD and watch it while recovering.

Rita said...

Wow....Rhea you need to catch up on those episodes! It is a fabulous series and you have a great plan with your recovery idea.
It is running on A & E on Wednesday nights as well.