Saturday, June 09, 2007

Campaign contributions by now we have all had an opportunity to watch one or two debates for the Democrat and Republican parties. Perhaps you have already formed an opinion on who you would like to support?

Here is a campaign donation "draw" for which you may not be aware. Several of the candidates are having raffle-type fund drives to gather as much money as possible.
  • For a $100 donation to Mitt Romney's campaign, you will be entered into a drawing for a night at a Major League Baseball game - including box seats and travel expenses paid - with Mitt's son Tagg. Contest ends on 6/12.
  • For a $10 or more donation to Barack Obama's campaign, you could be one of five people selected to join Barack in a private dinner - all travel expenses paid - to share your story and ideas with him one-on-one. Contest ends on 6/13.
  • Last but not least..........if you donate at least $6.10 to the John Edwards campaign before his birthday on 6/10, you will receive a copy of the Edward's family recipe for their "famous" pecan pie.

So....ok.....just how far will you go to support your candidate? I must say the Obama contest is quite ingenious and should gain him more funds in his war chest. He actually needs it because Hillary doesn't have a gimmick and she is about $12 million dollars ahead of him. To date, Hillary is not having a donation contest.

As the race continues to heat up and becomes more expensive, I am sure we will see more desperate attempts to collect more funds by each candidate or ultimately they will simply retreat quietly and in six months we won't even remembered that they were a candidate.


Hahn at Home said...

This is ridiculous...sweepstakes elections.

Anonymous said...

Remember back in school when some lucky student was the Principal for the day? Maybe we need to a contest where you can be a politician for the day. (Crooked or otherwise!)