Sunday, May 20, 2007

Come on Down!

Last week Bob Barker began his slow fade into retirement by launching the first of a few prime time Price is Right specials. It seems like we have been hearing of his departure from television for some time now.

I think this is probably a prime example of someone hanging around longer than he really should have been on television. I watched part of his prime time special and the trips down "memory lane" with old photographs and video clips made me wonder if we were not currently watching a game show version of a "Weekend at Bernie's". I was looking for the hidden fish lines and wires manipulating Bob's arms and legs.

Another highlight last week was an interview with Bob where he was asked who should his replacement be? (Which is another question in itself - do we really need 3 or 30 more years of the TPIR?) His answer was - "I think it should be a man." Ok.....let's take a breath for a moment. I think this may be his opinion that it should not be the rumored Rosie O'Donnell. Lawsuits of the past indicate that Bob has had some issues with working with women and being an utmost professional so this insinuation does not surprise me. While I think a comedian should take over for Bob........Rosie isn't it.

I say.....let's allow TPIR to end its long career with Bob's departure. He did a great job with it for over 30 years and no one would ever be able to fill that role satisfactorily for the hundreds of aging Americans who have the time to watch the mid-day game show.

Last one out..............please turn off the blinking lights.


Hahn at Home said...

How about Suzanne Westenhoefer? She'd be great! That would really crank Bob's jaw, I'm thinking.

Rita said...

You know....this might just be the thing that Suzanne Westenhoefer needs! I am thinking....who would be her announcer sidekick?

Kari Sullivan said...

Personally, I've suspected that Bob Barker died long ago and that the evil necromancer Dick Cheney re-animated him so he could have something to watch between shooting friends in the face.

I do like the Suzanne Westenhoefer idea though.

Peace out!