Monday, May 21, 2007

609 days and counting is truly unimaginable to think that we have 609 more days of this blabbering idiot. Did you see him with Tony Blair? What was that all about? "Hey Tony.....I need someone to say somethin' good about me. Why don't you come over for a sleepover and a couple press conferences?" Tony Blair is such the puppet. UK folks say that he is Dubya's poodle. I don't know which comparison is worse really - to be led around as if you are at the Westminister Dog Show or tossed around like the billy goat marionette in the Sound of Music. (laaaeee heee hooooo!)

Oh yeah.....and how about that surge in troops? Well....thank god we have them there. We need them all to search for the three soldiers who were recently kidnapped. I don't think we have seen real progress nor will we for the next 609 days. At this point, no one is interested in progress. We just want our troops home protecting our homeland.

The Republican party continues to struggle. They can't stand behind Dubya and they can't figure out anything creative to say on their own that will make people happy and interested in voting for them. Egads!

So what's poor Dubya to do with his last 609 days? Here are my suggestions:

  • Spend more time at the gym
  • Ask Condi if there is anything you can do to help
  • Start working on the White House Christmas list
  • Join the border patrol agents as a weekend volunteer
  • More surprise trips to Iraq - I'm sure the troops just love that!
  • Ask Laura if you can help her plan your library

Just a few suggestions Dubya to keep you busy since no one wants you to campaign for them and because you just can't seem to right any of the wrongs that have happened in the last six years.

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