Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Baby update I type is my fondest hope that my friend has had her baby! The reason that I say that is they induced her early yesterday morning! Amazingly enough.......after nearly 30 hours later......she was still able to text message. Yeah....I know.......I would think I would be a bit busy with other things too but hey.....I am not going to complain. I am getting the information first hand!

So at 4:20ish or so this afternoon.....she was 8 centimeters. Given my limited knowledge of birthing children (zero and counting), I do work with a lot of seasoned veterans who were able to tell me that she was "going to blow" at 10 centimeters. At this point in time.......I am very hopeful that she and the baby are resting quietly. After a long day like doubt both deserve it.

I am truly overjoyed for her. For as long as I have known her, one of her primary objectives in life has been to have children. Today, she has Alex - her main man.

I have to pause a moment to be a bit philisophical on how her life is going to change once Alex is handed to her. I mean........her perspective may be different. Tomorrow she may not look at things the same way again because of Alex. Life changing events have a way of doing that to us. The sky will be just a little bluer tomorrow because of her new found joy. And........she has the rest of the summer off so who can complain about that?

I am hopeful that TC and I will have our chance to babysit. No....I haven't been drinking. I did really say it. I am just hoping that he doesn't pick up any habits that I can't explain away easily. Obviously........a very clean vocabulary and no glasses of chardonnay will be in order for his first adventure with me. While I am excited for the opportunity, I fully expect though that this little boy will not be far from his mother for at least three to six months.

To be continued..............

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