Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A new nominee

Yesterday, a new Supreme Court nominee was announced by the President. Of course, as expected, Dubya bowed to the Conservative Christian coalitions and nominated the most conservative judge he could find in the U.S. - Samuel Alito.

Talks of a filibuster are already being discussed in the media but don't expect it to begin any time soon. With the holiday break coming up for Congress, it may not be possible to start or end the hearings before January 2006. So we have a little time to analyze this judge more thoroughly and I expect the denouncing of this court appointee to grow in volume.

I am not optimistic that our Democratic representatives can stop this nominee from taking the position on the Supreme Court - filibuster or no filibuster. The Republicans are ready to "bust" the filibuster with a law that would outlaw their use forever. Since they have control of both houses, this could be disastrous and end the filibuster before it begins.

I can only hope that we do not lose any more Supreme Court judges during Dubya's tenure in office. If that happens, we will certainly see a domination of conservative judges on the court. This could dramatically change life as we know it for years to come.

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