Friday, November 18, 2005

My addiction

They say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. goes.

I am addicted to QVC.

Yessss yessss.....I know what you are saying. How could anyone have such an addiction? started a few years ago in November when I was recovering from having my wisdom teeth pulled. The recovery process took a bit longer than anticipated. What more could I do? I certainly couldn't go out in public with my bruised, puffy face and eating anything more than pudding wasn't an option.

So I turned to the television and discovered holiday shopping on QVC.

Now at first.....I was like anyone else. Who cares about shopping via the television? Who needs it? Well.......a little idle time with nothing better to do will make anyone go over the edge. I made one purchase........then another...........and then one more. I bought some dandy, off-the-wall items for everyone on my Christmas list that year. It was fabulous!

Ok.....another admission. I have turned other people on to watching and shopping on QVC. I know...I know........I have shared this addiction with others. I am guilty! However, they had fun! No harm no foul! They bought fun stuff!

This weekend will be a shopper's dream on QVC! Just take a little harm in just looking..............



Stage Mom said...

I'm addicted to HSN! There I've said it!!

Francesca said...


Hmmmm....maybe, I'll take a peek, then....then again, maybe not...