Saturday, October 10, 2009

I have been away too long!

The last year has been one that has taken a bit of my breath away so I know that my blogging habits have been far less than I expect from myself. I am trying to get back to my usual form so bear with me!

My Dad is at my house this morning installing a new wash tub and fixing my toilet. At 79, the one thing he does well is his craft of plumbing. Of his age.....his patience level is thin and he complains a lot. He can be a tad bit grumpy when his daughter buys "inferior" products at the local Lowe's store instead of going to a plumbing supply store. (and paying triple) Yes....its another father-daughter bonding moment this morning. :)

Anyway so much has happened in the world the last few months I don't know really where to start so I will begin with my favorite target......the nitwit Sarah Palin. You heard about her new book? Yep....."Going Rogue". No doubt she wants to educate us on her "wisdom" and "insight" in a forum that she solely controls. No "trick" questions from anyone in the evil media (that would be you - Katie and Charlie) or bad publicity photos. I imagine she will take pot shots at McCain's campaign staff because again.....this is her uninterrupted forum. She has undoubtedly educated herself more - reading books, studying political history and policy - so she looks less dimwitted than she did in the past. Again.....just as in the campaign.....everything is perfectly scripted.

Some say that she will run for office in 2012. Most folks in the RNC think she should do what's best for the party and watch it on television. She doesn't stand a chance against the educated men and women in the Republican party for whom she will compete. Too bad Tina Fey has no interest in reviving her role on SNL - although.....for the right amount of money anyone would do anything.

Ok....moving on to more interesting stuff......NFL! Who would have thought that we would see Brett Farve waffle again and come back to the game? And they think women change their minds a lot! He put on a fabulous performance against the Packers last week and it only proves when you count this guy pay for it! I don't think Brett has the stamina to carry him the whole season but he is doing exactly what the Vikings want him to do right now. Win. As for my Cincinnati Bengals......I don't think they should be 3-1 at this point. They are really not that strong of a team. It's smoke and mirrors. They will get their heads handed to them in Baltimore tomorrow. It is a rude awakening but it has to happen.

Does anyone else realize that we are already 75% done with 2009? The years really do fly by and I am already planning for Christmas.

Lyn and I are looking at houses. We are trying to decide what type of house (and features) we can both agree on when the time comes for us to look for one in earnest. We both like big kitchens. After that, we both have our own nit pick points. I think a good family room is important. I also think an older house has more character than some of the new homes that are being built today. There is just something structurally sound about a nice brick home built about 80 years ago. Of course.....unless it has been renovated to some extent it may require some additional dollars to get it close to what we want. And...if we renovate....wouldn't make more sense to build something from scratch? You can understand the quandary. I will move on.

I have to talk about the Nobel Peace Prize at this point. I think everyone - including myself - was surprised or shocked to hear that the committee chose President Obama for this award. Personally, I would by lying if I said it wasn't too early for him to receive such a prestigious honor. It is early. However, it would appear that the prize is being given to him because his administration is changing the tone of how America is perceived to nations across the world. It is a much different tone than the last administration. So he is being given the award because of the peaceful platform he represents as the President of the U. S. for the next 3 years. It is not an award based on what he is doing in America for Americans. The jury is still out on that for some of our countryman. I have to ask myself - does he stand in the same line as Mother Teresa? No and I don't know many who do - including past NPP recipients.

It's time for a vacation and we have been tossing around some ideas for 2010. The main trip of the year will likely be to the Oregon Coast - Home of fabulous Pinot Noir and endless hours watching whales frolic in the Pacific from our hotel room. I think we will try to squeeze in other trip to Vegas but we have not decided on a date yet. I have several friends who are going to Vegas next year at different times but it may not work out for those dates. It is nice to plan though.

The war in Afghanistan is still going. After eight years we cannot quit it now so hopefully more troops will be sent in to finish what was started after 9/11. We have no choice. We were sidelined by the circus show in Iraq and never finished the work at hand with Al Qaeda. It won't be pretty but it has to be done.

Last but not least.....Lyn and I celebrate four years together this month. We are having a low key dinner this evening and will call it a night. It has been lovely.....just lovely. :)

Til next time.....

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Hahn at Home said...

Congrats to the two of you - and finally setting up digs together - way to go!

I did the Oregon coast last summer and it was a blast - the wine was sublime and the blogging buddies I met were better than expected. Have a great time - and welcome back - oh, and congrats on the new gig.

Tell your pops I could use him out here in my new house.