Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Michael Jackson

I waited to post about the death of MJ until I listened to the memorial service today. Like some of you.....I was getting a little overcooked by the constant "all Michael all the time" on all of the news and entertainment channels.

I have been a fan of his music. It was his freakish behavior and his seemingly unnecessary cosmetic surgeries that were a turn off. I never did buy that he actually molested little children because he was so much a child himself. I was a fan of the entertainer however.

The memorial service today was well done. I think it honored the musician, the entertainer, the father and the son of a remarkable musical family. If Elvis had died last week, I think we could have expected much of the same.

I don't remember much of Elvis' death. I do remember the white Cadillacs (they were white right?) that paraded through Memphis behind the hearst. I remember the local news coverage on it vaguely. Remember.....in 1977, we didn't have the news and entertainment channels that we are afforded today. It was radio dedications and dinner time news broadcasts only unless you lived in Memphis then it probably was "all Elvis all the time". End result.......Graceland serves as his shrine and his legacy is still raking in millions a year. Lisa Marie really wants for nothing.

So here we are in present day and we have lost another great entertainer. I can't believe he was 50 years old. With all the surgeries, we were never allowed to see him grow old or gray. His grin was a little more permanent just like his musical talents. And even though we all realize that his three children are really not biologically his.......he was a father. It's not clear how amazing he was as a father since we rarely seen his interaction with his children publicly before this week.....but it appears to me that his children wanted for nothing (obviously with the outstanding debt). He appeared to be very attentive to his children and his daughter Paris let her emotions show this afternoon in regards to her loss. I don't like to watch children mourn and I have to admit that brought a tear to my eye.

The memorial service won't end the controversy around his death. I would not be surprised if we hear about the toxicology report by the end of the week. We will find that he took risks with his health just so he could push himself a little farther. In the blink of an eye, he was gone.

Gone too soon? I don't know about that. He leaves behind a legacy - good and bad - that his children and his family will hold for a lifetime.

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CJ said...

It broke my heart to listen to his daughter speak at the service. He surely was an amazing entertainer, despite all the controversy.