Thursday, June 11, 2009

John & Kate

I know that this is probably the last thing you want to read about but I just have to put my two cents in on this fiasco. Let me begin by saying that I have always found this show to be quite entertaining and the kids are adorable.

However......Kate's attitude towards John is borderline abusive. (ok...I think I gave her more credit than she deserves) In recent interviews, Kate has stated that she finds the idea that she drove John to see other woman utterly ridiculous. Oh really? No...I mean reeeealllllly?
Both of them are adults and should know better but they both have equally contributed to the downfall of their marriage.

I have no doubt that Kate is doing what she is doing (book deals, tours, etc) to support the needs of her children. I have no doubt that she has their best interest at heart. However, since it took another person to get her pregnant with eight children, she should be mindful of her husbands concerns. He clearly does not want to be on television and with that said.....also has the best interests of his kids in mind. This is not something he wanted to do forever yet Kate can't think of letting one day slip by without a camera in her face. At $50,000 an episode, the money seems to have distracted her from the needs of her entire family.

And what about the first episode of this season? Kate complained six times how she was "alone" and how John was elsewhere. Oh....poor pitiful Kate. It is really hard to just have 50 grand handed to you when most of the people who are watching the show are struggling with losing a job, car or their home. I have a really hard time taking her side 100% in this if you can't tell.

As for John, it would help if he could avoid the dates out with other women. I mean....if you really want to stay in this with Kate.....somebody has to make the first move to correct an ugly situation. But I guess.....if he is already out of the relationship (separation) and TLC wants to milk this for all it is worth......they won't speak of the separation and he will continue to be caught with women in restaurants and then deny he is up to something.

I smell a Dr. Phil show in John & Kate's future........won't that be lively?


Sue said...

ICK ~ I will just be glad when their 15 minutes of fame is OVER!! I have never watched the show for obvious reasons. I feel for the kids. Is it football season yet? LOL

The Jello Shot Wench said...

I have to disagree with you perception of this. I don't see how you can put this on Kate. She has never been anything but honest about who she is, how she is and always very aware of her faults. Both she and John have always been about documentation of their lives even before their kids. When this all started, John said he just thought it was a good way to document the kids lives as they grew up. Every decision they made about the show and their lives, they made it together. It was a joint decision to have John quit his job and be a stay at home parent for the past year as Kate went on the road to promote her book. As it turns out, his ego couldn't stand it and his choice in dealing with it was immature to say the least. So now he needs to "find himself" leaving Kate holding the bag in terms of all the decisions and agreements that "THEY" made together. It's a tough situation because their lives have become the family business and to step back now means they have to take a big step backwards in terms of what they can provide the kids. So now the question is...... what to do about it.

I agree that it takes two and both have their part in this. She has been the first to say she has been very hard on John. However, did he ever really let her know how he was feeling so they could work through it? I'm guessing not. It seems he just decided to check out.

Rita said...

I think Jon is so intimidated by Kate he is afraid to speak up anymore. She grows more infatuated with the media attention every day and he just wants to get his family back to a peaceful place.