Sunday, May 03, 2009

Pet loss

I think most of us have had an attachment to a certain pet in our lifetime. It didn't really matter what type of animal it was because it was uniquely sentimental to us. I lost my cat Oscar this past week due to failing health. It was a decision that I never wanted to be in the position to make myself. It might have been easier to just find him one day after work. He would have least died in the comfort of his own home instead of the vet's office.

The house is quieter. I fear that it is less secure as well. I know that sounds funny, but he was the security system in my house. The slightest sound would attract his attention and he would go to it to investigate - with me a few feet behind him with a ball bat. You see.....his temperament was "I will welcome you but if I don't like're doomed". He managed to turn a few dogs into quivering idiots with that temperament. My other cat - BG - who I have had for five years is the complete opposite in personality. Her mantra could be best described as "Ohhhh me and I will show you all of the household valuables". So you see the quandary I am now in with Oscar's passing. It's basically an open house here.

So many people say that losing a pet is almost like losing a child. And before my brother's passing in October, I would support that statement. However, since my mother is still grieving my brother's passing it is not a comparison that I am likely to bring up to her. The grief is different but the same in some ways. The "heavy-heartedness" of it all is certainly there. The fact that I saw Oscar every day for the last 16 years - far more than I saw my brother obviously - certainly compounds my grief. He was my companion, my solace and my friend.

I blog today just to clear the air a bit more for myself. By no means is this an easy thing for me. The last few days have been sad. His absence has disturbed the peace and the natural movement of things in my house. Soon, his ashes will appear on my mantle in a little urn befitting the life that he has lived. Time moves on and I am left with only fond memories of my little furry friend.

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CJ said...

So sorry to hear about the loss of your pet Rita. I hope you are doing ok.