Monday, September 08, 2008

Diet angst

I have recommitted myself to the South Beach diet plan. Of course I am feeling the "support" from Lyn to recommit as well. And she is right....I have packed on a few pounds and I need to get back to a proper fighting weight. "I am a healthier Rita" I tell myself. I tell myself that a lot. Let me emphasize the word a lot.

So now I am blogging so I can resist the urge to have a snack that will leave me feeling incredibly guilty tomorrow. I know I is only day one of my recommitment. Diets are hell people! If a Jeanie would appear to me right now and grant me one wish, I would ask for the ability to eat whatever I want and not gain any more weight. Wouldn't that be grand? We ALL know women like that don't we? They can sit down and eat a large pepperoni pie with a pitcher of beer and still slide into a size 10. I hate those people.

I have never seen a size 10. Ok.....wait...I have seen it but I think I was in the 8th grade. Those days flew by me so fast I don't even remember sizes! EEEEEK!

I realize that there is really no easy way to lose weight. No matter what road you take in regards to your weight loss plan. Healthy food choices are a must if you stand a chance in hell to ever seeing something close to a size 10.

So pardon me for my dietary angst this evening. I am trying to get back on track and it just ain't an easy road. In the long run I know I will feel better. However, just know this, if you leave me alone in a room with your plate of nachos, cheesecake, chile con queso, pizza or a pot of clam do so at your own risk.


Hahn at Home said...

I was like a size 7 until I was 30, then it steadily climbed up and down since. I figure, keep a little of everything in the closet, and I'll be fine. said...

Ugh -- Ifeel your pain.

This my 4,003,793rd 1st day.

CJ said...

Hang in there Rita. And stay away from the chowda. It's wicked pissa fattening.