Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I heard on the news this morning that donations to the Hurricane Katrina fund have far exceeded the 9/11 and the Tsunami funds of recent years. So far, contributions total $738 million dollars in the last 10 days alone - compared to 9/11 at $230 million and the Tsunmai relief at $176 million. It is outstanding to see the generosity in people's hearts during times like these.

One final note......just a good morning to my pal in Boston who is recuperating from major surgery over the weekend. Hope you are back on the road to recovery! I will go easy on you this week regarding your beloved......shall I say it.........ok...........Patriots. Never let it be said that I kicked a gal while she was down! Yikes!


Susie Q said...

Thank you very much for keeping me in your thoughts :) Each day gets bettah! And what a great time to be recuperating ~ FOOTBALL season! Hey, great college game coming up Saturday ~ FSU vs Boston College...that will be a good one! Also looking forward to a new season of Survivor! What more could a girl ask for?
Oh I know, the ability to sleep on my I know, in time!

Ciao for now :)

Rita said...

Wow! FSU vs. BC? I know where your allegiances lie on this one! Does BC stand a chance??