Sunday, August 28, 2005

What a wonderful evening!


What a wonderful evening? We have a Cat 5 hurricane spinning around in the Gulf as we speak. Hurricane Katrina.....not near as pretty as most Katrina's that we headed directly at New Orleans. (or 'Nawlins" for all of you locals) Yikes! Supposedly this is bigger than some of the biggies we have seen in the last 15 years........Andrew and Camille. Well......batten down the hatches, grab yourself a Hurricane and hold on tight! It looks like its going to be a rough night down South.

All this excitement on the day that I begin my very first Blog entry. Yes yes......blogging. Hopefully you have all heard of the newest craze. Its all about speaking your mind whenever you want on whatever you want. Don't worry friends.........I promise this won't be too boring. Just Rita rambling on about whatever Rita wants to ramble on about. Ha! This might be really fun.................

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